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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  September 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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four-year-old son. ed: her tiller on the list. her family revealing disturbing warning signs. hillary clinton exciting why she kept her pneumonia a secret. maria: as a fight breaks out in the stands of a trump rally. >> another bizarre twist for ryan lochte. the security scare playing out live. lexical times for now, warm and times ahead again in the next chance of thunderstorms. maria: hitchhiking to your lift. a mother murdered in her home, her ex different on the run him and methuen police are on the hunt. ed: the couples way little boy feet away.
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is traumatized. they are trying to get him the help he needs as they cope with the loss of their -- his mother. >> wanda rose plus uncle is heartbroken trying to understand what could have prompted the deadly attack inside her home. police are looking for her ex-boyfriend. the father of their four-year-old son. >> he once was -- he started wanting to hang out with the sun. >> wanda wanted her son to know his father whha bar's majority of the boys life. he was freed after serving time for kidnapping wanda in a terrifying attack in which she was tied up and thrown in his trunk and driven to new jersey. >> she got away because they went to a rest area and she escaped from the trunk, she got over -- he opened the hatch. -- she opened the hatch. >> he came to her home,
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attack they say he took his son to a family members home. that relative immediately called police. >> the 4-year-old was taken out and taken to a relative's residence >> it is pretty upsetting, it is hat -- it is sad. he has to grow up without a mother and without a father. >> he lives down the road in lawrence. please continue their search for him tonight. : for the white house tonight. hillary clinton, is talking after growing questions about her health. newscenter 5's ben simmoneau is here with what clinton is saying tonight. dan tonight clinton explained : why she kept her pneumonia diagnosis quiet. she said she will release more detailed health information later this week. and she called on donald trump to do the same. ms. clinton: i just that it would not be a big deal.
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through it and that did not work out to well. >> hillary clinton downplaying the hype over her health on cnn tonight one day after this video shows her stumbling having to be lifted into a waiting van as she left a 9/11 ceremony. >> i feel dizzy and i did lose my balance for minute. once i got in, once i could sit down, once i could cool off better. >> clinton was taken to her daughter's manhattan apartment where she emerged two hours later. >> am doing great. >> what happened? ms. clinton: it is a beautiful day in new york. >> all this unfolded two days after clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia which her campaign chose to keep secret raising questions about how open she is. >> it was her intent to treat it the same and continue to press on. >> donald trump pressing the
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a rally, he continued attacking clinton monday for saying half his supporters could be put in a "ask it of deplorable." hillary clinton said she has been dehydrated a couple of times before in her life. donald trump for his part said he had his physical last week and he will also release detailed numbers are in. ed: a scuffle broke out between a man and several protesters. he also slaps at a woman. the man was not ejected by security. protesters rushing the dance floor during a premier of
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and his partner were getting a critique ar. >> you can see it on television. you saw a moving in quickly. as you could one was hurt. this was a still picture of the two men who apparently ran onto the stage. you can see they have t-shirts with lochte's name crossed out. lochte, of course, was the center of controversy at the rio olympics when he lied about being robbed. right now, braintree police are asking for help in finding a missing woman who has alzheimer's. they say a taxi picked up patricia devine at her house and
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it's not known if she got on that plane or where she is and if you have information call braintree police. right now, a plea for help, to find whoever vandalized a mosque in nashua new hampshire. a rock crashed into the room while people were praying on 9-11. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat is live in nashua with the show of support there tonight. >> you see that boarded window, muslim leaders with cair have called for this act of vandalism federal authorities as a hate crime. locals say this is not the nashua they know. >> this is not who we are. this is not how we want our community to be known. outside a vigil. while inside the islamic society of greater nashua, prayers continue on the holy day eid mubarak. a celebration of faith. and here a celebration of unity. local faith leaders, together in
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three young vandals, shattered glass, on 9/11 nearly hitting people praying inside. the timing too troubling for local muslims to ignore. police however hesitant to call this a hate crime. >> at this point in time, there nothing overt to indicate that it is, there was no sayings left. it was simply a rock through a window. however due to it occurring on sept 11, it being a mosque, that's something we will definitely look at once we're able to identify who the responsible party is. >> until then nashua has come together. >> i am receiving lot of voicemail in our telephone supporting us, and people are sobbing. and i sob too when i hear their voice. >> and to the vandals he says they are welcome with open arms. >> it happens from ignorance. ignorance causes the doubts, the doubts causes the fear, fear causes the rage. but i think open dialogue would
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of talking about us, talk to us. >> police are hoping nearby security video might help catch who did this. a mosque fire in florida is ed: being investigated as a possible hate crime tonight. investigators are looking for arsonist in this surveillance video from over the weekend. shortly after the man in the video approaches the building he runs away and there's a flash from the fire. it's the same mosque the orlando nightclub shooter once attended. the fbi is investigating. >> the company that operates the mbta's commuter rail service recently fired six other people for time card fraud. those employees were all connected to the mechanical department. a keolis spokeswoman says it's unclear how much money was involved. >> take a look. look at the guy in the middle down on his knees. a high school football player in
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his decision to take a knee during the national anthem. and stirring up controversy when he claimed he was punished for doing it. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live in worcester with the message that player wants to send. his team mates apparently knew michael oppong's intentions. that's him. # 2 kneeling, along the sidelines as the national anthem was played. >> i am getting a lot of support. >> the high school junior said he is upset about injustice to african-americans but it is this tweet that ignited a firestorm of reaction by he had been suspended for the jester. >> this is my way of being able to protest. >> the coach said the young man
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when we have a meeting on monday. >> once it was made clear he was not disciplined. >> the coach had the expectation that everyone does stand for the national anthem. a student decides not to it is their constitutional right. there cannot be any discipline to that. >> he was inspired by colin kaepernick and other protests. he said it was not clear to he would not have to face the music. >> i still believe that even though this whole situation, there is still equality for blacks. >> not all reaction has less order. this will and has exercised its bullying policy to make sure the physical athlete can continue to
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maria: five investigates in the death of a woman who may have ties to massachusetts. the new facial reconstruction for the victim. her body was found in maryland in but pollen tests on her 1976 clothes suggest she may have been from boston possibly jamaica plain. a new lead tonight suggests her name may have been jasmine, and she went by the nickname jassy. investigators believe she was between ages 15 and 25 when she was tortured and killed. front loader. the damage the danger and the two teens behind the wheel. how this box helped save this mans life and could be a game changer for millions of transplant patients. >> nice and cool now. when these kind of temperatures may come back and the next chance of thunderstorms. hitchhiking to your own wedding. the local bride you needed a
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ed: two teens in maine are under arrest after a chase involving a front loader. police say they stole the front loader in the early morning hours and made it nearly 20 miles before they were stopped on the maine turnpike when an
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business where a sign was knocked down. >> is that there was some heavy damage to the sign, of three-quarter inch steel. something big happened -- it that. i wonder what that is and then once it came into the screen i was like, oh my gosh. a bucket loader. and police say the teens were : intentionally driving into traffic before they were stopped. on ice as they are moved from a donor to a transplantation. >> it really happens.
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and ultimately liver cancer. >> i had three tumors in my liver. >> surgeons removed them and determined he was a candidate. >> the liver transplant saved his life. >> how they prepped the donor organ using this box could revolutionize the transplant industry. how groundbreaking is this? >> it is a major event. >> it is made innd ice a large -- allows surgeons to monitor its quality. >> we give it oxygen and blood and nutrients to allow it to function physiologically. they improve the organ before we put it in. >> he was the third local patient whose transplant involved box. all three are doing well. >> will not know until many of
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>> it would not be here if it were not for the generosity of the family. >> the invention could help with organ shortages and long waiting list. doctors often discard a liver if they cannot be sure it will function. it keeps the liver functioning and it may mean organs can be transplanted longer distances. morning assembly unforgettable. >>, on an, special debt -- come on in, special guest. ed military sergeant jason chin : hasn't seen his family in 10 months, while he's been away in kuwait. now, his son caleb is starting second grade, reciting the pledge of allegiance with his hero by his side.
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-- it is all worth it in the long run. >> the family is all smiles this morning tomorrow and tonight. >> he was -- he surprised his wife. she said i was ready to be surprised. and then he walks in. ed: it makes for a good story. harvey: if you were up early you said this is not like it has been in july and august. it was 40 in norwood. lots of 40's were showing up. in spite of that it's so made it into the 70's and touched 80. with full sunshine and loose guys. here's a look at boston right now. 65 degrees, wind is around to
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little bit warmer than it was j. the skies are nice and clear. we are seeing lots of 50's around them a 51 in new hampshire. 51 in kane and 56 worcester. 53 bedford, 55 in norwood. another cool night not quite as cool as last night but similar. boston will drop down to the upper 50's to around 60. many of our outlining -- the outlying areas will be in the 40's. nation's capital 86. we are somewhat warmer than it was today. they could be as high as 83 or 84. onto worcester county, 81 in milford. 78 at the airport. downtown should be 80 or 81. the southwest wind off the
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beautiful day everywhere. another game tomorrow night. another big one. 76 degrees and warmer than it was tonight because of the southwesterly breeze. the next change will be this front making its approach later wednesday and wednesday evening. it could be a narrow line of strong storms. we lose the high-pressure and a little more humid until this front comes through. that will be cooler on thursday. there is your sunshine for tomorrow. we get into wednesday morning a few scattered clouds. we get to wednesday afternoon and you could see a line of storms in northern new england, eastern new york state. we have to keep an eye on this because there could be some strong winds along the leading edge of this line of storms and it continues to regress southeast and slides off the coast later wednesday.
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here by thursday morning. the chances with the storms later wednesday of heavy rain, it will be very brief. not long-lasting. could have some lightning but a stronger chance of strong winds with those storms. wednesday is an impact date because of the chance of a late afternoon or evening thunderstorm. that is tropical storm ian. it is well out to the atlantic. there is bermuda. that iet bermuda. not too big of a worry. pollen count jumps in around thursday. it is ragweed at this time of the year. check out the next seven days. warmer than it was today. wednesday warms up and could be a storm. the weekend should start -- we could run into some problems.
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maria: a flat tire on a limo does not stop a bride from brookline from getting to her wedding. ed angelique arsenault was on : her way to her venue in milford new hampshire when the limo got stuck. she and the bridal party took matters into their own hands and hitchiked to the wedding. they ended up being about a half hour late.
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mike: there's plenty to pluck from the sox 12-2 rout of the orioles tonight at fenway but one item trumps them all. david oritiz hit career home run #536 tonight that ties him on the all time home run list with mickey mantle.
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can you believe it. they hit -- they had scored four runs on nine pitches before there was an out. two of them by mookie betts. i think he is a serious candidate for the award. one of them by the -- i remarries. and rolling over the hill. ch but here comes the man of the night. big papi, david ortiz. 111 runs at age 40 in his final season. 513 tying with mickey mantle. when you think about the old time greats, mickey mantle is in the conversation. now you have david ortiz next to him on the all-time home run list.
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red sox beat the orioles. yankees lost to the dodgers. that helps this weekend and tampa bay trying to be a spoiler. check out the outfield. this is scott scheffler. watch him take this baby, he'll most runs into the second baseman. and now jason heyward. watch him going to hostile territory. no hostile fans in st. louis. we have been there a number of times, they are the nicest fans in the world. he made a great catch. he came within one pitcher throwing a no-hitter for the cubs to win tonight. tom brady check in with jim gregg on the radio and asked about his impression of jamaica
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the same page, enter medication is so critical. for us to go in there and get a win like that it was great for our offense of football team, defense played great. it is such a team sport. jimmy did everything he was asked to. it was great way to start the season for our team. my: he di mike: he found some teammates who won some instant respect for him as well. >> jimmy has been a professional his whole time here and has -- he put himself in a position last night and i think it was a group effort.
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how cool would it be if they played the world series?
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kaley cuoco -- from "i'll have what phil's having," phil rosenthal. and music from onerepublic. and now, after all -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody.


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